Social Media Director

Job Description

Our client is seeking a Social Media Director.

To enable the company’s social media efforts to be successful, you will need to implement a plan that outlines the strategic goals and objectives, determines a course of action, assesses the results and evaluates the outcomes. A measured, planned approach to using social media will result in using social media networks to their fullest extent, enabling you to reach your audience with clear, consistent messages that will have a positive impact on the company’s sales, reputation and image.

Manage Social Media Sites:
You will be expected to manage the Social media sites, keep on top of profiles and news updates, track and monitor social media presence, ensuring that the information being shared online is valuable and engaging for customers.

Monitor Trends:
Social media trends change quickly, you will be responsible for keeping an eye on trends. It’s key that you analyse and adopt new social media outlets.

Analyze Social Networking:
Measuring the effectiveness of your social media plan will be a large part of your role, evaluating comments, measure activity by followers and analyse analytics to see traffic patterns, activity levels and how well social media messages are received.