Senior Development Engineer (M&F)

Job Description

Duties include:
Technical lead and coordinator for the implementation and support of products and services
Technical escalation for major service issues, taking ownership of the investigation, acting as the focal point for all parties involved
Provides technical input into the end to end lifecycle management of products and services
Provides Technical Account Manager service for clients, attending regular technical review meetings and acting as a technical escalation point for issues raised
Provides technical support and advice during pre-sales technical support, capturing and documenting customer technical requirements
Provide support to the strategy and design team, assisting with solution assessments, determining the optimum way to deliver the requested products and services, consulting other technical experts as required
Provides a technical lead function, supporting the Project Manager in the build, acceptance testing and integration into business as usual of Products/Services and Customer Solutions
Implements technical changes, undertakes work on core mobile network elements as agreed
Fully evaluate and risk assess work activities that may impact on products and services
Ensure technical and procedural documentation relating to services is produced, maintained and regularly reviewed
Assists with the development of wider team by delivering training, coaching and mentoring to team members. Ensures that the technical training requirements of other individuals involved in the delivery of services are catered for
Provide quality technical reports and presentations to management and Clients
Assesses and provides feedback to the manager on the performance team members
Leads and motivates the wider team through effective communication, recognising and rewarding contribution
Maintain excellent working relationships with clients’ technical support teams, provides constructive feedback and support to ensure they are best equipped to serve customers
Maintain good technical working relationships with key suppliers
Continually develop and support the Network infrastructure related to the delivery of service to ensure that maximum benefit is attained
Remains current on technologies, technology and best practices
Work out of hours as required to resolve urgent service issues or when the impact on customer services prevents day time work

Skills and experience:
Significant industry experience and qualification
Strong Core Mobile Network experience
In-depth understanding of mobile data network infrastructure
Knowledge of signalling systems and network analysers
Ideally have a background in M2M/ IOT environments
Experience in a customer facing role where you have learnt how to deliver first-class customer service
Great communication skills and the ability to co-ordinate with others