Junior Developer

Job Description

Duties include:
Working alone on simple systems and modifications to existing systems, or with colleagues on more complex systems, specifies user/system interfaces, including for example: menus, screen dialogues, inputs, wireframes, boned rigs, visual characters, reports, validation and error correction procedures, and processing rules
Translates logical designs into physical designs taking account of target environment, performance requirements and existing systems. Produces detailed designs including for example: physical data flows, class diagrams, file layouts, common routines and utilities, program specifications or prototypes, and backup, recovery and restart procedures
Documents all work using required standards, methods and tools, including prototyping tools where appropriate
Produces logical system designs showing for example: processes, objects, data flows, inputs, stored data and outputs. Identifies common processes
Working with data analysis colleagues where appropriate, produces or updates system object/data models and correlates these with corporate models
Working with database design or database administration colleagues where appropriate, translates object and data models into appropriate DB schemes within design constraints
Designs simple programs and program modifications from supplied specifications, using agreed standards and tools, to achieve a well-engineered result
Creates and amends programs in accordance with the design
Plans, designs and conducts tests of programs; corrects errors and re-tests to achieve an error-free result
Documents all work in accordance with agreed standards
Uses the tools and techniques for specific areas of release and deployment activities
Administers the recording of activities, logging of results and documents technical activity undertaken. Provides input to known problem and solution and change management function
May carry out Early Life Support activities such as providing support advice to initial users

Skills and experience required:
Experience of working within software development using the following software development lifecycles: Agile; Waterfall (V Model)
At least one example of a systems development project that you have contributed to either in a professional or academic context
Basic knowledge of at least one general purpose programming language
Basic knowledge or SQL databases and relational database theory