Information Security Governance Analyst

Job Description

Duties include:
Maintain and develop information security documentation to agreed standards
Assist in the assessment of risk to the security of information.
Assist in the support of external information security audits, management reviews and internal information security audits
Assist in projects to implement corrective actions resulting from risk assessments, security incidents and other sources revealing information security weaknesses that need to be addressed
Authorise the release of system changes into production environments according to agreed parameters and processes
Assist in carrying out of project information security risk assessments
Assist in the documentation of information security incidents and their follow-up actions, agreeing the required actions and ensuring that all required actions are carried out as required
Monitor, or assist in the monitoring of, key measures of ISMS performance
Assist in the development, and delivery, of training, education and initiatives to promote security awareness throughout the business
Assist in the provision of security related information as required internally and externally
Take a pro-active approach to the development of your skills and knowledge in all aspects of information risk management and information security through various media including (but not limited to) formal training courses (gaining certification as appropriate), CBT, reading, and engagement with forums; following an agreed personal development plan. Remain up-to-date with current potential threats and security related information