Entity Database Manager & Business Analyst

Job Description

Duties include:
Review Viewpoint design, and improve the effectiveness of the database tools and services, and to provide guidance and advice to the Board on vulnerabilities and implementing improvements
Maintain an up-to-date understanding and competency in Viewpoint technological developments, and to provide guidance and advice to the Board on those developments and implementing upgrades
Test and implement Viewpoint upgrades
Develop Viewpoint protocols for data processing under the strategic direction of the Board and its delegates
Input and extract data accurately from Viewpoint
Train colleagues in how use Viewpoint including how to input and extract data accurately
Monitor Viewpoint efficiency and data processing
Design and prepare Viewpoint reports as required
Liaise with the IT Manager in order to ensure that the information within Viewpoint is protected and backed-up
Liaise with all internal departments as required
Keep records up-to-date on digital system (including Viewpoint) and physical tangible files; filing to be undertaken timeously; records to be referenced (ie named) logically and clearly pursuant to the principle that all records should be capable of being easily accessible and understood by an independent third party; and records should be managed with a view to complying with relevant policies (including but not limited to confidentiality policies, data protection policies, clear desk policy, and IT security policies)
Participate in training and tests provided by pursuant to regulatory obligations to train and test its employees and to demonstrate competency in the topics tested
Anything else reasonably required in the management of the Viewpoint System; and the maintenance of any managed TCSPs’ licences and regulatory compliance

Skills and experience required:
Advanced System Manager level up-to-date expertise in Viewpoint
Effective project implementation skills
Strong management and leadership skills
High degree of professional ethics and integrity
Good written and oral communication skills
Ability to create communications appropriate for the audience
Good interpersonal skills
Competence in using Microsoft Office products, Outlook, and Viewpoint
Good numeracy skills
Ability to plan, organise and prioritise tasks appropriately
Ability to perform under pressure of time and to deliver to deadlines