Database Administrator

Job Description

Duties include:
· Play an influential role in monitoring and tuning of databases to ensure performant and operational databases. Report and advise on performance bottlenecks and suggested solutions
· Resolve systems issues related to database malfunction. Document issues and analyse usage in order to put in place preventative measures to reduce downtime
· Provide significant input into the development, improvement and implementation of effective methods and procedures relating to Database design, maintenance and use; Data storage and backup strategy; Database recovery policy and DR procedures; Database access and user privileges
· Data protection, encryption and disposal
· Periodically review procedures related to the storage, access, disposal and use of data in order to ensure compliance with policy. Provide significant input into the governance of databases. Provide usage and KPI reporting as required
· Aid in the education of developers responsible for writing databases access code to ensure they are competent and aware of best practices to reduce the risk of underperforming code
· Develop and maintain a strong level of technical knowledge relating to database administration

Skills and experience required:
· At least 2 years’ experience in a database administration role
· General knowledge of all aspects of information technology infrastructure hardware and software and a good understanding of current developments in information systems
· MS SQL Administration. Understands relational database theory. TSQL development and tuning
· DBA qualifications equivalent to MCSA: SQL Server (Solutions Associate) for MS SQL 2012/2016