Creative Designer

Job Description

You will be required to design materials using paper sketches and digital illustration software. You will follow the process from concept to rough layout to prototype to completed project. We are seeking, Creative Designers, Graphic Designers, Artists or Photographers. You may have worked for multimedia companies or advertising firms.

Duties and Responsibilities:

You will be required to complete various tasks in order to produce a finished model, graphic or label.

Produce Design Concepts.

It will be up to you to initialise a project by coming up with a general concept and presenting the idea with a rough layout that might include sketches or digital illustrations. You may work in collaboration with managers, engineers, artists and other designers to evaluate the credibility of the design and to provide solutions for possible issues relating to the actual production of this design.

Assist with Prototype Development.

Once the design has been approved, it will enter a production stage in which a prototype can be created. You will once again collaborate with a team to ensure that the prototype is created within project specifications and expectations.

Coordinate Services of Outside Vendors.


You should be a strong communicator who thinks creatively, is detail-oriented and able to meet deadlines. You should thrive in a collaborative environment and possess strong problem-solving, decision-making and organisational skills. You should take a customer-driven approach to creating marketing and advertising materials.