Creative – Coders

Job Description

As a Creative Coder you will be working on instant effects within content creation software. Using computer vision and procedural graphics, you will use the colour and depth data of a scene to generate compelling AR content on real world objects with a few clicks. These effects are driven by real-time shaders, particle systems and lighting effects.

You will own the artistic direction and the majority of the implementation for these effects, which will in turn be used by thousands of users to create compelling projected AR experiences. You will work closely alongside the CTO and desktop software engineering team, owning a significant part of the applications road map.

This is a full-time position

Required expertise:

C/C++ (STL, boost), including debugging tools

Shaders (GLSL)

Game engines (e.g. Unity, Unreal, custom engines)

Creative coding frameworks (e.g. openframeworks, cinder, touch designer, processing)

Desirable experience:

Low level graphics (OpenGL)

Computer vision or robotics toolkits (e.g. OpenCV, PCL)

Desktop UI Toolkits (specifically Qt)

Agile development

GPU General computing (CUDA)

Industry experience productizing, testing and shipping applications to end-users

BS/MS in Computer Science