Business Analyst

Job Description

Duties include:
Investigates operational needs and problems, and opportunities, contributing to the recommendation of improvements in automated and non-automated components of new or changed processes and organisation
Assists in defining acceptance tests for these recommendations
Defines scope and business priorities for small-scale changes and may assist in larger scale scoping exercises. Elicits and discovers requirements from operational management and other stakeholders
Selects appropriate techniques for the elicitation of detailed requirements taking into account the nature of the required changes, established practice and the characteristics and culture of those providing the requirements
Specifies and documents business requirements as directed, ensuring traceability back to source. Analyses them for adherence to business objectives and for consistency, challenging positively as appropriate
Works with stakeholders to prioritise requirements
Conversant with techniques covering full range of modelling situations
Models current and desired scenarios as directed
Selects appropriate modelling techniques for meeting assigned objectives
Gains agreement from subject matter experts to models produced
Reviews resulting models with stakeholders and gains resolution to resultant issues
Applies data analysis, data modelling, and quality assurance techniques, based upon a detailed understanding of business processes, to establish, modify or maintain data structures and associated components (entity descriptions, relationship descriptions, attribute definitions)
Advises database designers and other application development team members on the details of data structures and associated components
Takes responsibility for the provision of support services to projects
Uses and recommends project control solutions for planning, scheduling and tracking projects
Supports programme or project control boards, project assurance teams and quality review meetings
Provides basic guidance on individual project proposals
May be involved in aspects of supporting a programme by providing a cross programme view on risk, change, quality, finance or configuration management
Defines, documents and carries out small projects or sub-projects. Alone or with a small team, actively participating in all phases. Identifies, assesses and manages risks to the success of the project
Agrees project approach with stakeholders, and prepares realistic plans (including quality, risk and communications plans) and tracks activities against the project schedule, managing stakeholder involvement as appropriate
Monitors costs, timescales and resources used, and takes action where these deviate from agreed tolerances
Ensures that own projects are formally closed and, where appropriate, subsequently reviewed, and that lessons learned are recorded
Specifies user/system interfaces, and translates logical designs into physical designs taking account of target environment, performance and security requirements and existing systems
Produces detailed designs and documents all work using required standards, methods and tools, including prototyping tools where appropriate
Reviews requirements and specifications, and defines test conditions
Designs test cases and test scripts under own direction, mapping back to pre-determined criteria, recording and reporting outcomes
Analyses and reports test activities and results. Identifies and reports issues and risks associated with own work

Skills and experience required:
Minimum of 3 years’ experience as a Business Analyst; or
Minimum of 3 years’ experience in the Life Assurance industry, where you have worked in a senior position: e.g. Team Leader, Manager, Technical Specialist, Subject Matter Expert, etc and Minimum of 1 years’ experience as a Business Analyst/Tester