Unemployment figures April 2019

Key Points as at the end of April 2019:

  • The number of registered unemployed decreased by 93 compared with April 2018
  • 106 persons signed onto and 141 persons left the register over the month. The net movement was a decrease of 35 persons on the register between April 2019 and March 2019
  • The unemployment rate for April is 0.7% this is a decrease of 0.1% from the previous month March 2019. The unemployment rate is the proportion of economically active population registered unemployed
  • During the month, 885 job vacancies were notified to the Job Centre. At the end of the month, 670 remained 54% (362) were full time positions and 46% (308) were part time
  • ILO estimate: It is estimated that 759 individuals are unemployed and looking for work in April 2019, compared with 794 in March 2019. This amounts to an unemployment rate of 1.8%. See Methodology section for further details


Registered UnemployedMalesFemalesTotalRate %
Current (April 2019)227873140.7%
-1 month (March 2019)253963490.8%
-1 year (April 2018)2911164071.0%