Unemployment figures December 2019

Key Points as at the end of December 2019: 

  • The number of registered unemployed increased by 22 compared with December 2018.
  • 109 persons signed onto and 70 persons left the register over the month.  The net movement was an increase of 39 persons on the register between December 2019 and November 2019.
  • The unemployment rate for December 2019 is 0.9%; this is an increase of 0.1%on the previous month November 2019. The unemployment rate is the proportion of economically active population registered unemployed.
  • During the month, 547 job vacancies were notified to the Job Centre. At the end of the month, 403 remained. 52% (211) were full time positions and 48% (192) were part time.
  • ILO estimate: It is estimated that 821 individuals are unemployed and looking for work in December 2019, compared with 782 in November 2019. This amounts to an unemployment rate of 1.9%. See Methodology section for further details.
Registered UnemployedMalesFemalesTotalRate %
Current (Dec 2019)2671093760.9%
-1 month (Nov 2019)2291083370.8%
-1 year (Dec 2018)2491053540.8%