Outplacement Counselling

A Hamblin outplacement programme assists people who have had to leave a company whether through redundancy or severance. A professional consultant will assist these individuals to move to the next stage in their career.

Why use outplacement?

Using an outplacement service can help to smooth the process for all those involved. There are three key reasons to use outplacement.

  • Helping those who have to move on
  • Showing employees that you intend to look after them
  • Relieve the pressure from you and your team

Outplacement does not give any guarantees of finding a new job but will assist candidates to look for the right jobs, and be confident that they can present themselves both on paper and at interview.

Different levels of support

Group workshops: where candidates work with their consultant in small groups

One-to-one: where candidates spend individual time with their consultant

Executive: often aimed at senior management, these programmes generally offer much more one-to-one

Hamblin can also offer a tailored approach which can involve a mixture of the above. For example, you might choose to support employees via a workshop, followed by individual surgery sessions with an outplacement consultant.

Contents of a typical outplacement programme

  • Exploring strengths and a review of skills which includes a career/personality profile
  • Emotional support through a trained counsellor (optional)
  • Interview techniques
  • Preparation of CV’s
  • How to put together a covering letter
  • How to deal with job applications
  • How to find opportunities which will include networking, speculative applications, using the internet and recruitment agencies
  • Alternative options i.e. starting your own business


Have the following information to hand when calling Hamblin for an accurate price.

  • How many people will be affected?
  • Do you want to give different levels of support to different levels of seniority?
  • Are there reasons why individuals might need higher levels of support?
  • What are the timescales?

Looking after the people left behind

Redundancies create a stressful situation for everyone. Remember those who remain will have lost friends as well and will be worried about what the future holds for them and their jobs. Seeing their colleagues well supported will help reassure them that the future may not look so bleak after all.

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