Established for over thirty years and the largest of its kind, Hamblin is the Isle of Man's premier recruitment, training and HR consultancy providing a full range of employment, training and HR solutions to the Island’s private and public sectors.

Your ambitions. Our expertise. One Team

Clients trust us to help them achieve their business goals. Candidates look to us first as they plan their next career moves.

It's a reputation built on results – on a track record that inspires confidence. But, like you, we're always looking to the future. We apply fresh thinking to meet your new challenges, and shape a recruitment service that always works for you.

Our Values

At Hamblin, we believe great results stem from great relationships.

Since 1987, we've been connecting with clients to understand how they work. To appreciate their culture, goals and ambitions.

By forming sustainable relationships built on loyalty, knowledge and reliability we're ready to provide recruitment services of substance and value.

It has always been our way; our formula for an efficient and trusted recruitment proposition, but we're already writing new chapters in our success story.

In this ever evolving industry, we are constantly broadening our service portfolio

Those same strengths and qualities that serve us and our clients so well in divers industries and sectors are now being applied across an even wider range of fields.

We’re the same Team but doing more and, in the process, helping you gain value from your investment in recruitment.

To succeed in a job like recruitment, over the long term, you have to have resilience, toughness, determination, and achievement-drive already built into your DNA.

The rigours of our industry will reveal it, (or not!) and no doubt refine it, but it will not build on what was not already there.

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Permanent Staffing

Hamblin offers a full range of recruitment services at no cost and with no obligation until the candidate is engaged either on a permanent or contract basis.

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Temporary Staffing

As the largest employer of temporary staff on the Island, Hamblin has the reputation for providing quality and innovative solutions.

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Retained Assignments

Retained Recruitment assignments provide the most effective method of recruiting key personnel. Hamblin works exclusively and confidentially on your behalf to select a shortlist of suitable candidates.

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Executive Search & Selection

Hamblin offers a full range of executive recruitment services at no cost or obligation until the candidate is engaged on a permanent basis.

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Contract Recruitment

The interim management arm of Hamblin Executive is designed to meet short to medium term needs. It encompasses projects and fixed contract assignments.

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