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We have a tool that gives you the ability to profile jobs within your organisation. Only by understanding the behaviours you need from a person in a role will you be able to recruit the right person to fill it. Job Profiling allows you to profile jobs in a natural and intuitive way – giving you a template for a job into which you place a candidate with the best fit in terms of behavioural profile (read about Personal Profile Analysis to understand more about work personality).

Profiling jobs means you are able to come up with an objective view of the behavioural characteristics needed for that role to be performed successfully.

The results of the job profile are plotted on a graph. You can then compare the results of the behavioural profile PPA against that of the job profile to assess how well that person would ‘fit’ the role. To assist in analysing ‘fit’ Thomas has designed a guideline (‘Goodness of Fit’) that offers external, expert opinion on how good a fit there is. The guideline reports five levels of fit, enabling you to see on a scale of one to five how good a match PPA is to the role you are recruiting for.

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Profiling jobs has been designed to be as simple to use as possible - it takes only four steps:

Step 1

You will be asked to look at the Job Demand lists and identify what are the most important characteristics for the job. You then select the first factor. For example, if you want to profile the job of a sales person, the first factor you might choose would be driven, assertive, goal oriented. If you chose that list the graph would reflect the following.

Step 2

You will then be asked to choose from the remaining three Job Demand lists. In a sales role you would probably be looking for mobile, active, alert so you would choose that word set. The graph then reflects your choice.

Step 3

There will then be four remaining sets of Job Demand lists from the remaining profile factors. From these you will be asked to choose the next most significant word group. In our example of the sales person we choose I –persuasiveness, influence, outgoing. The graph now reflects the choice of the I above the line.

Step 4

There will then be only two sets of adjectives left from which you must choose one. The screen will now display the “job demands” associated with this profile shape; the centre section will display the basic combination; the bottom section will display the first part of the job description.

The resulting graph is very much a ‘work in progress’ job profile. The eight green triangular buttons above and below the graph can be used to increase or decrease any of the four factors. As you change the shape of the graph the Basic Combination descriptions change to reflect the different shape.

If the profile is invalid the description under the graph will be ‘invalid’ with an explanation as to why. The same applies to a tight profile.

Once you are happy with the shape of the job profile you can print a report. You will then have a profile of the job that you can use to compare against the candidate’s profile.

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