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Proposed reforms to the work permit system

The Isle of Man Department of Economic Development (“DED”) has released a Consultation Document on Proposals for reform of the Work Permit System.

 The seven reforms proposed are:

 An employer only application form (streamlining the application process);

  1. Simplifying the list of matters which DED may take into consideration;
  2. Simplifying the application fees in order to encourage multi-year applications;
  3. Automatic permits for defined cohabiting partners of Isle of man Workers to be used in respect of any employment;
  4. Automatic permits for defined cohabiting partners of work permit holders or those exempt to be used in respect of any employment;
  5. Establishing a register of exempt persons to provide greater information about persons in exempt employment;
  6. Removing the additional requirement for a work permit presently imposed on some persons who have a visa under the PBS.

 In addition to the above points, the Work Permit Review introduces a new radical idea to “flip” the system, whereby there would be no requirements for permits other than in cases of a minority designated employments and persons of a particular description (e.g. persons previously sentenced to a term of custody).

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